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Christmas Special: Do you know why there are people who don't like receiving gifts or asking for favors?

People who lack humility may indeed feel like they have to pay back favors and struggle to accept gifts for a variety of reasons. Their behavior may stem from a desire to maintain a sense of independence, self-sufficiency, or a need to appear strong and capable. Here are a few potential reasons why this might be the case:


1. Pride and Independence: People lacking humility might feel uncomfortable accepting help or gifts because they want to maintain an image of self-sufficiency and independence. They may fear that accepting help could be seen as a sign of weakness or dependence.


2. Fear of Obligation: Some individuals may feel that accepting favors or gifts creates an obligation that they are uncomfortable with. They might worry that they will be indebted to the giver and feel a strong need to repay the favor to maintain a sense of balance and control.


3. Self-Image: Individuals who lack humility might have a strong desire to appear capable and in control. They may feel that accepting help or gifts could undermine their self-image as competent and self-reliant individuals.


4. Trust Issues: People who lack humility may struggle to accept help or gifts due to underlying trust issues. They might be skeptical of others' intentions and feel uncomfortable being in a position of receiving without being able to reciprocate.


It's important to note that these behaviors can vary widely among individuals, and there may be other factors at play as well. Additionally, the inability to accept help or gifts can also be linked to cultural, social, or personal beliefs and values. 

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