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There are several steps a woman can take if she wants to pursue a promotion at work:

1. Communicate her interest in the promotion: Women should express their desire to be considered for a promotion to their supervisor or HR department. They can ask about the promotion process, the requirements, and the timeline. Being proactive and showing interest can help put a woman on the radar of decision-makers.

2. Build a strong network: Women should build relationships with colleagues and leaders throughout the organization. Having a strong network can provide access to information about job openings and opportunities for advancement. It can also help women gain visibility and recognition for their work.

3. Seek out training and development opportunities: Women should take advantage of training and development opportunities to acquire new skills and knowledge that can position them for a promotion. They can also seek out mentors who can provide guidance and support.

4. Document achievements: Women should keep a record of their accomplishments and contributions to the organization. This can include projects completed, goals achieved, and awards received. Having a documented record can help when it comes time to make a case for a promotion.

5. Be proactive about performance management: Women should actively seek feedback on their performance from their supervisor and take steps to address any areas for improvement. They can also set goals and track progress toward achieving them.

6. Negotiate for a promotion: Women should be prepared to negotiate for a promotion, including salary and benefits. They should research salary ranges for similar positions and be prepared to make a case for their value to the organization.

It's important to note that while these steps can help women pursue a promotion at work, there may still be systemic barriers to advancement that need to be addressed. Women should advocate for themselves and support efforts to create a more inclusive workplace culture.

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